Monday, July 6, 2009

My New Addiction

Not one to stagnate, I have yet another interest slash addiction. I have discovered Poker, Texas Hold'em to be exact. I've also discovered that I am pretty good at Texas Hold'em, which is making me want to play it whenever I can find someone willing to play.

I'll go as far as to say that I want to be Tiffany Michelle. Now she isn't even ranked in the top 100 poker players, but I have my reasons. First she is super cute, then there are the "sponsor" type perks. People pay you to wear their hats, shirts, pins or buttons. How much? Who cares really, because it's going toward my minimum to play. If I win money, then that's even more gravy for me.

And why wouldn't I want to set my own hours, playing a game I enjoy? Traveling around the world playing a game I enjoy. You know you can be a fat poker player! No long hours at the gym or with a trainer. I can eat a snack while playing, hell I can paint my toe nails while I'm playing.

The best part is I can call myself a professional and that's it, Ha! There isn't a Poker Pro School, and there is also no guild that bestows the "pro" status on players. You can just bestow that label on yourself.

If I get on TV and become a pseudo personality, then people give you things and comp you stuff. How sweet is that? I don't work out of the house now, so I can practice online. I'll make my kids play me, so I can hone my skills.

Can't you see it now? I could have a cool life, be rich and enjoy the perks with never having to do any good, help anyone or really do much. After I get bored with poker I'll move on to Hollywood where making money for doing really nothing important is rampant.

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