Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Make It Stop!

Okay the memorial is over. Now shut up, shut up SHUT UP! I get it Micheal Jackson is dead. I feel sorry for the kids, but Christ people enough is enough. What about the important matters of this country like how fast we are going down the toilet.

Don't get me wrong, yes the man was a talented performer, but he was a performer. He didn't have to die, but he was slowly killing himself with his poor choices. He chose to live his life and not get help. People have got to stop giving so much value to performers and celebrities. He was a mortal after all, like the rest of us.

I love how he was trashed and gossiped about in life, but now everyone is so torn up about his death. A gold casket? Are you serious? Creating a circus masqueraded as a tribute for one of the strangest dudes that walked the earth? Really? Would your life stop, would you be less if you didn't go to The Staple Center for a Micheal Jackson tribute. You know the man's shit stunk just like everyone elses. People on the streets crying for someone they never met. These people won't know him any more or less by continuing to listen to his music. The connection to him won't be any different.

It's never going to go away, is it. It's going to be just like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. Everything and anything that his image can be slapped on will be flooding the mall and online. Yes, they are right he will be worth more in death than in life.

Call me cold, I don't care. We are all just as important as the celebrities. There are more admirable professions than entertainer like fire fighter, law enforcement, brain surgeon, and teacher.

Don't even get me started on the whole child molestation thing. All I'm going to say is famous or not, if I didn't touch a kid, then you can bet I'm not paying you one red cent EVER. I would never ever ever ever pay you off to go away or shut up. I would never rest till a ran you in to the ground for saying that I did, if in fact I hadn't.

Can we get back to the real world and it's real problems??


Anndi said...

My 11 year old asked me what they'd talk about on the news now that it was over since he's all they've been talking about.

Hmmm... I wonder if some Grand Poobah in Iran sent a hitman over... just sayin'.

Vanessa said...

And which Michael image will be used? Black Michael or white Michael?

Gorilla Bananas said...

I hope he's left Bubbles a good bequest, that poor chimp deserves it after all he's been through.