Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Importance of Being On The Same Wave Length, Not Working for Friends and Taking Up Fortune Telling

As I sit here waiting to go "volunteer" at a friends retail shop, I've begun to ponder all the possible ways this day could have gone. I mean yesterday morning I thought I was working today, but yesterday afternoon kindly explained to me that I was "helping out" instead. We all know helping out is the cover term for volunteering.

I don't mind volunteering; I actually do give of my time a lot in various ways. I also like to know up front that I am volunteering. What I have a problem with is being asked to work, but there isn't any pay involved. The phone call I received included the word work, which to me conjures up the impression of being paid. I wonder why she used the word work, instead of asking me to come hang out and help. If you can't afford to pay people, then honesty is your best policy. Coming in a close second to honesty is the art of using the appropriate words for your meaning to be understood.

Should I have asked about being paid? Probably so, but I didn't think about the need to make sure I was to be paid. Now I know better and will make sure it is brought up in one form or another before I agree to do anything in the future. I will make damn sure we are on the same wave length by asking questions, in case my crystal ball craps out on me.

Not only is this day going to be a lesson, but it is serving as a warning as well. Information was shared with me, by a knowledgeable source, that when my friends business partner is out on maternity leave, my friend will be aggressively asking friends to "help out" during that time. I want to know how one expects people to take time out of their day to help you at your business for free. Mind you one of the main expressed reasons they need help is because they are so busy. So busy = selling = money, so why can't you or why aren't you willing to pay your friends? My ears perked up when I heard the "we are so busy" phrase, only to find out they are being stingy and greedy.

I could have backed out, but I've decided that I am going to honor my agreement and learn to cover my ass better.

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