Sunday, July 12, 2009

If I Was A Martyr

The term martyr (Greek μάρτυς martys "witness") the term is most commonly used to describe an individual who sacrifices his or her life (or personal freedom) in order to further a cause or belief for others.

Well I just had the delight of explaining to my Mother in Law that I won't be bringing the grandchildren 3 hours to her house for the week. The youngest is going for a record in his own barfathon today. He got out of bed once to go to the bathroom, and then promptly returned to bed. The oldest did the weirdest thing EVER and went to bed at eight o'clock this evening. We think he might have contracted something terribly bad, since he is such a devout night owl. I tried to stir him to ask him how he felt, but he is pretty out. Neither of the boys has a temperature or a stomach ache, so it's a mystery.

I was dreading the call and my husband, the yellow belly, wouldn't call his own parents. You know something, other than the vomit, stinks when a 45 year old man can't call his parents to tell them the grand kids are off their game and can't make the trip. I usually do all the dirty work when it comes to the delivery of bad news.

I guess I possess some talent at crushing people's spirits or something. I was unaware that I have this ability until 20 minutes ago. My husband explained to me that I was the one capable of calling his parents to tell them the bad news. It "seems" to him that I don't have trouble telling people disappointing news. In other words I'm cold enough to handle the dirty task that others become squeamish over.

After expressing frustration over always being the one to take care of business, I made the call. Instead of words of concern, I am met with words of confusion. My Mother in Law says, "but A (names withheld) is here waiting for T"! "You told A to be here and now T isn't coming"!, she adds. All I could think of was, "so I should put aside the fact that G is throwing up and make the kids take the trip"? Are you kidding me? Oh let me drag their listless bodies to the car tomorrow, drive three hours praying to every God that was ever worshipped that no one vomits in my car; just because a cousin is at your house? Just so you know I didn't tell the boy to be there. I asked if he would be there, because my oldest wanted to know. I think he was already going to be there, but who's keeping track?

I know what it's like to be driving down the interstate and have the following happen. I try to learn from my mistakes, as to not repeat them.

1. Dog vomits in car 2 1/2 hours away from home

2. 5 year old Niece p r o - j e c - t i l e vomits on the back of my seat and my head 2 hours from my house 3
hours from meeting her mother.

3. Cat has diarrhea in the back seat of car 3 hours from home.

With that said, I cannot force myself to sacrifice my life, sanity or personal freedom, in order to further a cause or for the wishes of others, no matter how disappointed they are.

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