Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Can See Them Too, Right??

I'm making it official...I hate stupid people. For those of you who know me, know this is no big surprise.

They are everywhere and, if that wasn't enough, I attract them too! Did I miss something or are there more stupid people than there use to be? Now to be clear, I lump rude people in the group, because it makes my life easier. Aren't they one in the same anyway?

I find myself daydreaming about bitch slapping people. I thought I might need meds to deal with all the stupid people, but that would probably make me more confident in confronting the morons and with a smile.

One lady had me aggravated yesterday by carrying on a conversation on her cell phone in public. Here I am trying to think of a classified ad while she has a conservation with a man about not leaving him breakfast before she left the house. Not only is that an asinine topic of discussion, but she had the guy on speaker and the volume was so high the guy's voice was distorted. Really, lady? I don't know if this guy was her husband or her adult son, either way he's a douche. I didn't know if I wanted to slap her or hug her and tell her to run away from this man, husband or son or whoever. It took me 10 minutes to write 29 words, because I couldn't think straight. Why did I have to listen to any of that?

Stupid seems to be the new trend, maybe it's the new fashion statement. Sorta like stupid is the new black, it goes with everything.

Do I lack some trait to be able to deal with stupid or rude people? It is such a sore spot with me. I am very stupid intolerant. Maybe I can make a game out of it? I should buy one of those "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts. I could wear out when I run errands and stand by people that annoy me. Too bad I couldn't pull off having my picture taken with some of them. I could collect them, lol.

Even had to deal with a stupid salesman with Dell today. I already had a quote and told the dude (who was looking at it on his end) I only wanted to change the laptop's color. He starts right in going through each feature, asking, "are you sure you want this and are you sure you want that"? Each and every question I answered him, "I only want to change the colorrrr". Seven times I said it, yes I counted. I wanted to ask him what was wrong with him. Was he part of a work program?? I mean that changes everything, if he is part of some special assistance program.

Half of Wal-marts employees are on that very assistance program. Okay, maybe they all qualify for one, but one doesn't exist. I think my neighbor needs to be on one. Instead of bailing out the auto makers or pushing people to volunteer, the government should have created a common sense stimulus package. Make everyone take classes on manners and how to use your common sense. There should be rehabs for stupid people and stupid people interventions. I would support that, hell I'd even watch a reality show based on stupid people being taken by surprise and whisked away to intelligence boot camp. The show would never run out of people to transform. It would make good TV and be a service to mankind.

I'm just say'n.


Deviki @ Viki said...

I’m with you on this matter. I mean sometimes it’s just hard to differentiate if the person is being dumb on purpose or just being ignorant…..god I hate it …It really gets to me if the person don’t put on their car’s “signal light” when cutting into difference lanes and also people who talk very VERY loudly in their stupid tiny hand phones and expect others seating around him to become deaf. I guess you are right dumb is the new black !!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

DA .....

Just a thought ... if you started with the Oprah Show you would have to change much.

Funny as usual !

MrsM said...

Hahaha-I too am stupid intolerant! I'm definitely your newest follower now =)