Monday, September 21, 2009

Say No to Emo

This is something like how my 14 year old son wants to dress. At least this is how he keeps talking about dressing.

He is driving me insane with all his what ifs.

Here is his list that he keeps asking about:

1. What if I get a mohawk and color it half blue half black?

2. What if I get my lip and brow pierced?

3. What if I get tattooed all over?

4. What if I grow my hair past my shoulders w/ blonde tips?

5. What if I only wear black and I get all Emo pasty?

6. What if I tattoo the side of my head?

7. What if I was Goth w/ make-up and earrings up my ears?

He brings these what ifs up all the time. He talks about the Goth and Emo styles all the time. Enough!

This is such the opposite of how I grew up and how he was dressed as a young boy. I grew up with Polo, Calvin and Izod. I dressed my son in Polo, Izod and Gap. Where is this coming from? His friends don't dress Goth or Emo. Really, I'm at a loss as to where this is coming from.

Now, I am not against freedom of expression or wanting to express yourself with fashion. It's just that I don't like the Goth or Emo look. I don't want my son shaving his head, wearing a mohawk, or piercing his face. And I don't want him getting all pasty and wearing all black.

I want him to keep dressing in Polo and Gap. I want him to keep looking like this...

There isn't anything wrong with this look. It's clean, polished and educated looking. People will think better of my son looking like the guy in the above pic then the guy in the first pic. That's just how it goes in this world. I didn't make up the rules. Of course, if my son joins a band, gets signed to a major label and becomes a successful musician, then I guess he can look like Johnny Rotten.


Mango Girl said...

If you let him do any of those things, you will have wonderful pictures to show his friends later in life.

Generally speaking, they work through this stage. Pitcher did the ear piercing thing (regrets it); did the tattoo thing (can't see it except when he has his shirt all the way off).

They love to pull at our heartstrings, don't they?

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I actually like the first guy better. But then again, I'm not a mom yet.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

As the parent of a 33 year old member of a punk rock band, I feel your pain. He is a manager of a grocery store and has no body piercings or visible tattoos. In school he was a straight A student and as an adult I'm very proud of him.

When he was at home, he was not allowed to do anything permanent to his body such as tattoos and piercings.

Shaky Jake said...

Say yes to anything that makes you feel like a better person. Regardless of what others may perceive you as.

MrsM said...

I'm SO looking forward to this phase *eyeroll*. Seriously though, my own parents did it pretty well-they let me dress however I wanted and listen to whatever music I wanted without a fight...and it made it physically impossible to rebel. I wore preppy clothes and listened to oldies music because I knew that even if my face had more holes than a sieve and I dressed like a punk rocker my parents would just take lots of pictures and remark on how much they'll enjoy showing them to my I don't mind if they do!

Blacksheep said...

Ya know...generally speaking people do pass this stage...but they are less likely to go behind your back and do even worse stuff if you just let them do it or put in lines.

Also remember this child has a totally different life. This isn't a mini you. I'm pretty sure he is just as tired of hearing you say no.