Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well after taking a long break and thinking and rethinking where to take this blog, I've decided to do a bit of revamping. The look and feel will be changing and from time to time the content will also be moving in a slightly different direction. Instead of just complaining about real life issues or things that annoy us all, I want to add easy common sense solutions for those issues.

Somethings seem so difficult, yet there are simple ways to avoid or combat the problems without continuing the negative cycles.

There will be guest writers, links to helpful and insightful articles and upbeat advice without losing the humor that we all need. I hope you enjoy the fresh, new makeover.

You don't actually believe that do you? Okay the revamping of my "look" is true, but that touchy feely crap...uh never.