Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Political Post Here

I just wanted to mention (for what it's worth) that my Mom's best friend hadn't decided who to vote for, so she decided to call both the Democratic and Republican party offices in San Antonio, where she lives, to ask them questions.

She made a list of questions to ask them both. She first called the Republican office and got their answers, then proceeded to call the Democratic office and ask them the same questions.

My Mom's friend asked one question about taxes and the lady on the other end told her she was an ass*ole and hung up on her! She tried several times to call back, but they wouldn't pick up the phone, so she decided to call from another phone. At this time they did pick up. She told the next woman what had happen and this lady tells her she is stupid and hangs up on her!

Well of course that was it for my Mom's friend. She's made up her mind who she's voting for. Honestly, I'm sorry she was treated poorly, but happy she has come to my side of the yard.

Just saying

p.s. Please vote with your head and not emotion. Think about what politicians say and what it really means. Question everything!


smilnsigh said...

You mean that this was done to your mom's friend, by the Democratic Party Office. WOW!!!!!

And it's probably wise to declare that you'll do no more political posts. In not too long, we may not be able to do, as we have been doing, with our own blog. :-((((

If you don't know what I mean, go look at both my blogs.

Miss Mari-Nanci
"Shoot if you must, this old gray head..."
From an old poem said...

I cannot believe that your mother was treated this way by the big tent, tree hugging, give-peace-a-chance, liberal Democrats.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Ever hear of buyer's remorse?

Reality is coming.

Obama Supporters Get Their Man

The Vintage Kitten said...

That is terrible. What an awful way to treat your mums friend. I cant believe anyone could be so rude! Its not a very good way to recieve votes! X

Anonymous said...

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