Friday, October 31, 2008

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

After thinking about the financial state of our country and what socialism means to me, I've decided that maybe a plan D or E would be good to have. If people aren't willing to wake up to the fact that Obama wants this country to be socialist and what that means, then I should be prepared, right?

I will never be able wrap my small mind (figure an Obama supporters going to call me small minded anyway) around why these loud mouth Hollywood people want to back anyone that speaks of anything remotely close to a socialist way of thinking. Isn't that like handing the hangman a noose you made yourself. Do they not understand that they can't continue to live large in their multi million dollar cribs, flying in private jets and taking exotic trips, if we are to be socialist?

Am I missing something here? Does this sharing the wealth not apply to them? All I am hearing is big business and the elite with no reference to the rich actors and the rest of that set. Can you make millions per movie Matt Damon, if we are living in Obama's socialist wet dream? Are all the rabid directors / actors like Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Eddie Murphy, Ron Howard Morgan Freeman, Jackson Browne, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Maines, Ben Stiller, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone, Billy Crystal, George Clooney and Barbra Streisand going to live like me?? Hot Damn!

So I thought more about my back up back up back up plans. If we are to live even and fair, as true socialism would have you, then I'm going to start taking inventory of all the things they need to share with me, the middle American.

I'll start with my own neighborhood and move out towards your neighborhood. Last, or maybe it should be first ( you know the good stuff goes first!), I'll get to Hollywood, all the towns / cities popular with the elite entertainment industry, moving over to their winter playgrounds like Vail, Aspen and Telluride.

See, I would like a million dollar home, a couple of tricked out sport cars, the right to vacation at Tom Cruise's Telluride home, the use of the same precious jewelry the stars get to wear for special events, free clothes from designers, just to name a few. I'm going to approach the fact I don't have these things from the viewpoint of Obama and his explanation to "Joe the Plumber". I don't want to punish these celebrities for their success, I want all the people behind them (count me) to get the chance for success by spreading the wealth.

Okay, they don't work hard like us. They are dressed up by someone else, have their hair and makeup done for them, and told where to stand to recite words given to them by others for a ridiculous amount of money by movie studios that make even more money. Admit it, a lobotomized monkey could handle the "tough" job of acting.

Having the American dream shattered under Obama's rule: $0
Having my children lose any ambition to succeed in life by hard work $0
Getting to suck the system and take from the loud mouth Hollywood elite: Priceless


smilnsigh said...

Right on! If the *fully informed and thinking* majority of Americans {and Mickey Mouse} want "The One's" Socialism, we should be prepared.

"Can you make millions per movie Matt Damon, if we are living in Obama's socialist wet dream?"


Oh sure! Those *informed and thinking* Hollywood Types will soon be living like you and me! And "The One" and "Mrs. The One" will be, toooooo. Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. Hehhhhhh...

We ordinary folks are gonna' get a mansion or two, just to "spread the wealth" around? Oh surrrrrrrrrr. Hehhhhh...

Because "The One" said {to Joe The Plumber} that Obama doesn't want to punish his $$$$$ backers! He just wants all the people behind them (us) to get the chance for success by spreading the wealth. And that's really going to happen, with them!!!

Here, have another sip of the Kool-aid and you'll see it clearly.

Hehhhhhhhhh... :-((((

Thanks for this post. We have to laugh, in a sarcastic way. It hurts less than banging our head on our desk. :-(


Miss Mari-Nanci

Da Old Man said...

I was just thinking today about why these uber rich are so "into" socialism.
I think it dawned on me when I realized a few things. First, when making that much money (tens of millions per film) it really becomes meaningless.
The majority don't need to worry about college tuition, or even paying the mortgage, or gas for the car.
That idiot Sarah Jessica Parker complained about her poor relatives who were barely getting by with govenment assistance, and wondered what was going to happen to them.
She's worth 200 million dollars or so. Maybe she could help them out rather than expect you and I to do it. I'd like to think if I had that kind of immense fortune, I'd help out my family who was struggling, and not expect someone else to pick up the slack.
Just sayin'