Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Things You Shouldn't Attempt While PMSing.

I went ahead and tried these out for you, so I can say with expertise that none of these should be done.
Your welcome!

1. Go shopping - you'll hate yourself

2. Go out in public - you'll hate people for breathing

3. Interact with ANY teenager - do I need to explain?

4. Make financial decisions - Bad bad bad

5. Wash an unruly German Shepherd - will not go well

6. Watch E-Vet Interns or any sad show / movie - you will cry a lot

7. Give advice - someone will still be real mad at you after your back to normal

8. Color your hair - you'll be sorry and even more pissed

9. Drink lots of coffee - you'll be pissed at the world in overdrive

10. Discuss politics - You'll raise your blood pressure


Debbie said...

Okay I am hooked. I loved your post. I will be back. I appreciated to good laugh. Thanks! Deb

Me-Me King said...

Been there, bleh.

Kristen said...

So glad I'm not the only one who's insane at least a few days a month. Sometimes even I'm shocked at the things that come out of my mouth when PMS hits!