Monday, October 13, 2008

"Crap, they found me!"

I find myself wondering what it is that attracts my family to me like moths to a flame. I'd like to think it's my wisdom or winning parenting charm, but I doubt it.

They flutter to me at every given chance no matter what I'm doing. Sometimes there is a reason, but most of the time I can't figure out why they are following me.

Any day or circumstance, anytime no matter why, they choose to include me. I'm reading my favorite blogs and my husband is standing in his underwear in the living room brainstorming a Christmas party with the giddiness of a school girl, my oldest is educating me on why "we" should keep his size 10 shoes for his little brother instead of him just going to go put them away and something about being a giving person? Whatever, I'm trying to read here! That's like 8 sizes away from his little brothers feet and he's breaking my concentration as I stare confused at my husband, rubbing his belly in his underwear, rambling on about a party.

Oh, look there's my youngest, who is having issues with a bowl movement and has come to share that and much more, as he bends over butt naked asking me to check to see if he wiped his butt well enough. If only you knew the blended conversation playing out right now and the extent of the male family members' obsessions with sparkling clean asses, if you only knew.

The cat and dog follow me all day long, as well. I'm always having to watch for a cat tail or dodge a run in with the dog. I'm like the family rock star! Everyone wants to talk to me and be with me every moment of the day. They rarely do anything without being 6 feet away from me at all times. I'm the one they always pick to tell all their long stories. My opinion must be really be important. Sometimes they will share really important things like a blow by blow account of what they did on a video game when I'm on the phone. Boy they must really value my take on things! Everything that I do is so damn great that they want to be there sharing the moment with me , even when I'm on the toilet. Jealous?


Kristen said...

Well, I wish I could say that I don't know what you mean...but it sounds like you're talking about my life!
Are you the only person in your house who has the ability to bend down & pick something up from the floor?? I know it takes skill, because I'm the only person capable of doing it in my house.
Now as I'm trying to type I have three kids talking to me~ they never need to talk to me when I'm doing the dishes!

tryingtobegreener said...

It's all so true. Is it too much to ask for just 5 minutes of peace?!