Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ending My Day with STRESS

Yesterday started out so nice. The kids got along, I made a cake, fresh bread and chicken soup. It was cool and breezy enough to open the windows. Even the birds were on my side, just singing and visiting me at the kitchen window.

Later in the day the kids went to play with friends, so my husband and I decided to go shopping. Real shopping without children! We planned on hitting the stores for new camping gear, clothes and groceries. First we went to the new and improved Wally World to see how improved their camping equipment has gotten. What a wonderful and peaceful event, right?

NO!, not a flipping chance in hell. We waited in line forever, then when it was time to pay my husband's check card was declined! It was declined 3 times, before he stopped trying. I tried mine once and it was declined. My check card, not a credit card, but my check card. There was no reason given by our oh so not nice cashier. She really didn't care, but the 7 people behind us sure did. Unfortunately they only cared about themselves and that they were having to wait for us. To make it even better we didn't have the check book or our cell phones to call the bank.

Now I usually work well under pressure, but at this point my husband is starting to trip and trip bad. What was between only the cashier, our line and us, is now a public event. DH is telling the universe how he feels about not being able to spend his money, how much is in the checking account and how much is going in this Tuesday. He moves on to freak about the melting frozen food and how he has to go get the check book. He says these things a couple of times, then takes off for the door. I'm like helllooo your leaving me and your leaving me through the wrong door, we parked at the other entrance (not a wise comment to add). He all but tells me to be brave and he will be back for me. This is happening sooo fast, then I hear it, from behind me, yet not close to me, a voice yells out, "Hey, I know you". I turned to see, standing there, a woman I use to work with and her family. Now everyone around her is watching me as she relives my check card declined pain for everyone. People have stopped to tell me their stories. I just want to go home.

Now I have frozen food to either get checked out or exchange out. I decide not to exchange any of them because it would be my luck that no one in security would see me put up the melting item , but they'd see me put the frozen exchanged item in the bag. My groceries were still in bags. Some how I'd be "caught" in the frozen isle and detained in the bowels of the store. My husband won't be able to find me and the cashier wouldn't know anything about my detainment.

I had time to clear my head and decided to simply put back 40.00 worth of stuff in the hopes it was an issue of a daily spending limit that we knew nothing about.

Well, that did the trick and I was able to check out after standing in line another 10 minutes. I had to take the bagged items out, so she could re-ring and re-bag them. Fifteen minutes later my DH shows up to find me waiting outside. He's really confused and short of breath now. I explained everything to him, we loaded the car and drove home in silence. I knew I should have hit that bottle of vodka, I bought for the homemade vanilla, while I was outside waiting.


Kristen said...

That sucks, but it could have been worse~ you could have had your kids with you too!
I think I need a drink after reading what you went through~ YIKES!!!!
Your poor husband(men don't usually handle stuff like that too well)....I guess you should just be glad he came back for you :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good Lord, and it had to happen at Wally World, too! That totally sucks butt, I hope the rest of your week is going better. :)