Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm ga-ga for a new blog called Ga Ga For Garlands. You have to check her out, but make sure you have the evening to spend staring at gorgeous wreaths, garlands and banners. Not only does she have great stuff herself, but you can link to other sites that have equally gorgeous wreaths, garlands and banners.

I haven't learned to croquet, but this makes me want to. Maybe it's the colors or the medium she and the others use, whatever it is I've decided that banners and garland are my new obession. Not to be confused with my new guilty pleasure of watching child stars cry over lost careers. Stringing garland while watching Confessions Of A Teen Idol, could you ask for anything more, really?

Treasured Heirlooms has to be my favorite. I love all her creations and hate her for being able to create them. Her pink "Fairytale Cottage" is to die for. The pictures will make your mouth water as much as her wreaths.

Sis Boom is another great site. All the colors and glitter, oh my! I'm a sucker for vintage ornaments, it's like candy. Go check her out too.

I'll leave you with some more pics to drool over, enjoy.


The Hussy Housewife said...

Cute stuff!

Kristen said...

I love Garlands too! You had me ALL excited to check out Ga Ga for Garlands but I can't get the link to work :(
I would REALLY love to be able to crochet & make a garland like that too!

Carol said...

Now I'm goo goo for Ga Ga!

Alternate 4 CraigsList said...

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Kristen said...

Where have you been?? I hope you're O.K. I thought of you on the last episode of 'Confessions of a Teen Idol'.

Take care, and hope to hear from you soon :)