Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Got My Own Set Of Keys To The Crazy House

Hell yea! Christmas is almost over, just a few more insane things to get through and I'm home. I'm not sure what those are going to be, but they will happen, that's for sure.

Never a dull moment here at the in law's house. And to think we could have stayed home and missed out on all the action. Why hear about it over the phone when you can live it! Smells like a family get together to me.

10 Things I've Learn Today

1. If your not sure what's in the pasta salad, DO NOT EAT IT.

2. If you witness your Mother in Law fall in the pool, don't get involved. Act like you have no idea what anyone is talking about or you'll get sucked into and fussed at for not being able to sprint 200 feet to prevent her from falling in.

3. Some family members drink more than you remember.

4. Christmas time doesn't mean family won't fight.

5. There can be too many cooks in the kitchen.

6. Fog horns should not be blown in the house as a crude bell system for the bedridden injured for any reason.

7. TVs can be turned up to 90 and you can still here the fog horn really well.

8. Twelve year olds can and will drive a car around the front yard.

9. When your told you can bring a dog with you for the holidays, it doesn't mean actually bring the dog.

10. Plastic BBs can break the skin.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that it was a quiet one. There goes the fog horn. I'll be pouring myself another cocktail now.


TRUTH-PAIN said...

My Friend,

I wanted to thank you for adding my humble blog as one that you follow. My best wishes to you and yours,... best expressions for a joyful holiday season, and may the new year bring un-finished dreams... to fruition.

Melissa said...

Awesome list- I enjoyed reading it- so true! Happy New Year blessings to you & yours. Best wishes for a prosperous 2009!

Corrina said...

That was hilarious! Sounds like Christmas with your family is downright dangerous... which is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mmaam this is a wonderful blog,10 things. just wonderful,I'm gonna try and get my wife to read it,