Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The First Step

....is admitting you have a problem.

Well it's official, I've become obsessed with crafts. I knew it was coming, now it's taken over. Don't be mistaken, I'm not super talented. I'm more talented in my mind, then with my hands.

I've made great headway with the old dining room getting cleared out and on it's way to becoming the craft room of my dreams. Thanks to a great friend who is hosting our garage sale and housing my stuff in her workshop, woo hoo! I can't wait to paint the walls and get the room organized.

I find myself drawn to Hobby Lobby, Michael's and the new craft dept. at our Wal-mart. Craft magazines adorn the bathroom (for tub reading), living room, bedside table and kitchen. I've bought a million buttons and vintage wooden spools on Ebay, though I do not have a craft that I'm using them for. When I do need them, I've sure got'em! I went to town at the $1 bins at Michael's buying over a dozen great stamps. I could spend all day at any of the craft stores or online looking at craft blogs. I seem to leave the laptop on Etsy. All my girlfriends know to get me a gift certificate to one of the craft stores.

My obsessions of choice lately seem to be decoupage and stamping. Yesterday I bought a square box to decoupage for a recipe box and several stamps, plus a dozen scrapbook papers and some punches. Now that I get the newsletters from Michael's and Hobby Lobby, I get those coupons. Those 40% coupons come in handy. I'm finishing up a knitting project for my Mom, then I'm done with knitting for a while. I did a little felting, but I'm more interested in making felt stuffies like this or these gorgeous felt cupcakes.
This weekend I'm making some magnets and looking for the perfect vintage apron pattern, oh the list goes on. I might have to stop baking so much, though my family might have the DT's, if I cut back on all the desserts I've been making, but my butt doesn't need so many goodies. It would help, if I stopped going to the blogs of seriously talented bakers. Yesterday I found even more wonderful treats that I'd love to try baking.

One thing that I won't be making ever, because I find it highly disturbing, is this! Not like the freaky resemblance to leather face isn't enough. It has two faces, the other one seems to be a clown and I assure you is probably just as disturbing!

You can't stop looking at it, can you?


Debbie said...

Kristen, I crack up everytime I come to your blog. My husband also enjoys it. We need someone like you to help us not take ourselves to seriously through the comming months. Thanks for your contribution! Deb

Kirsten said...

Thanks Debbie! I really enjoy visiting your blog.

When I get home to my computer I plan on following your blog.

Vicki said...

I shouldn't have read this post right before bed. I'm going to have nightmares now. That is so freaky!

The Hussy Housewife said...

Dear lord...I think I may now have nightmares! I hear your pain..crafting is addictive. I will stand up and admit, "I am a scrapbooking-craft alcoholic"

Why can't are kids just let up lock ourselves in our craft room and be for days on end?

Chelsea Ling said...

OMG lol i just about pissed myself!!

Kristen said...

Why?? What were they thinking when they made that??? That is possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen!
Let me tell you this whole crafting obsession can really take over your life....you'll learn to start letting go of things that aren't so important like: dishes, cleaning the house, cooking & showers!
Good luck!

Carol said...

Ohhh, I'm obsessed with decopauge too!

I did this project: http://petticoatposseroundup.blogspot.com/2008/05/new-use-for-old-suitcase.html

What do you think? Is it a neat idea? I turned the suitcase into a "picnic basket".

Anonymous said...

That made my whole morning!! I love, love all thoes zany vintage projects they would offer in crafters magazines.

SOO fantastic haha ! Can you even imagine some poor kid wearing this hahah

Happy holidays!!