Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stupid People Drive Me Crazy

Honestly, they do drive me crazy. This goes for rude people as well. I know I should rise above it and not let them get to me, but there's so many of them. They're everywhere, on the streets, at the store, at work, in your neighborhood, restaurants, the park, the doctor's office and every place in between. I can't get away from them, they are even in your family .

Why must I always be the better person? Just because I'm not stupid like them doesn't mean I have to grin and bare it. Does it make me "rude" to say something to someone who is being stupid? Are there approved situations where it's okay to say something or would that always make me on their level. And why is it that everyone is so quick to say that you'd be lowering yourself to "their" level, if you confront them.

In the past few months, I've been lucky enough to encounter more than the usual amount. I've had my foot run over by a fellow shopper when she ran her cart as fast as she could to get in front of me in the check out line. Last week I had my shopping cart rammed by a woman who clearly knew she ran in to me, but she didn't even look up much less say she was sorry. The other day I was blocked in at the drive thru by someone who would not move up. Apparently she was waiting for her order and felt staying right where she was would constitute pulling over into a parking space. This chick drives a car??

What is wrong with people? I've had a clerk that gave me change back and then thought her register would be short, because of it. I stood behind a man that had to ask the video store clerk if the black & white movie would play on his color TV. Have you ever been near someone who asks how much something is while they are looking at the menu?

Personally I don't care anymore, if someone thinks I'm lowering myself by calling stupid or rude people out. At least it makes me feel better.

Here's a stupid test I found online. You may want to print out or take yourself.

1. Is your favorite color Clear? Yes / No
2. Do you consider French Fries ethnic food? Yes / No
3. Are Rocky Mountain Oysters your favorite sea food? Yes / No
4. Do you not know the "secret" to the Crying Game? Yes / No
5. Do you think that e-mail is a special service provided by the U.S. Postal Service? Yes / No
6. Do you believe that Elvis is among the living? Yes / No
7. Do you believe that if you drink a diet pop and eat a piece of triple caramel chocolate cheesecake, that the calories balance out? Yes / No
8. Do the people in the movie Deliverance remind you of family members? Yes / No
9. Do I look fat? Yes / No
10. Can you relate with the guests on Jenny Jones, Ricki, or Jerry Springer? Yes / No
11. Were you a guest on Jenny Jones, Ricki, or Jerry Springer? Yes / No
12. Did you decide not to go to college because you didn't have time, but you paid money for those Sally Struther's do-it-at-home courses. (That TV/VCR Repair course sure has come in handy.) Yes / No
13. Have you ever told anyone to smile because it takes less muscles than frowning? Yes / No
14. Have you ever flunked an I.Q. test? Yes / No
15. Have you ever studied for a pregnancy test? Yes / No

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Da Old Man said...

I used to work in a gas station on a major highway with a divider. Every single day, at least one person would ask how to get to the other side, as if it were a secret, because, you know, they had never seen or heard of a U turn sign.