Thursday, October 9, 2008

Punch Me!

Okay, I don’t mean actually punch me. I need punch recipes for my son’s Halloween party. It’s a group party for his scout den and the other mother’s are bringing food items and I got punch / drinks detail.

I have searched the Internet and found lots of recipes, but I want to know how these punches taste. Every punch is “the greatest”, but do I really know that?

This is what came to my mind when I found out I had drinks, lol. No really it did!

Some parents might not mind if lil' Billy slows down a bit or goes to sleep earlier than usual, but I will put the beer funnel away for now. I need a recipe for a bad ass, eight year old impressing brew. If any of you know a Halloween punch recipe that you know actually tastes good, would you send it to me?

I do know that I am going to freeze plastic spiders and bugs in ice. Maybe I could put the ice in a cooler, so none of the kids under six or seven can put them in their cup. Due to the choking hazard, I can have regular ice available in another container. Any other suggestions to enhance the party would be greatly appreciated. I'm only Martha Stewart in my head, so there won't be any tissue ball things hanging from the ceiling or silhouette rubbings I made myself on the drink glasses, go easy on the difficulty level. Mwah, thanks!

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Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I just found you through my friend Mandy at the Vintage Kitten!
Apparently you want my email!
Here it is
I know that you were joking when you asked for it.... But hey, it was a different way to introduce myself to you!LOL
By the way... I`m sorry Kristen, but I don`t know of any punch recipes!
I wish I could help you!
And I wish you good luck... I hope that you can find one!

Debbie Moss

(From England)