Friday, September 12, 2008


I know I'm not alone, am I? There are other bloggers that don't talk of their blogging or give out their blog name, right? It's not that I have plans to blog trash anyone. Besides anyone who knows me understands I save that crap for your face. My husband, mom and sister know, but haven't asked how to find me. My sister did ask the question, "Your not writing about me are you?" This got me thinking about how many people would wonder or worry that they were the topic of a post.

After a bit more thought it came to me that I just might have some power that's going untapped.
How wasteful of me! Maybe people will give me my way in fear of being blogged about. I just might have to go over to Mommy Needs Coffee and ask her about her shirt. It reads
(I won't get mad or try to get even, but I will blog you) on the front. That got me thinking what if I had a large bumper sticker that mentioned how I'd blog you if you piss me off. Cut me off or ride my bumper and you end up here being outed as the jerk you are! I would have to list my blog address so you could go read how mad you made me or what's the point.

Let me get back to the question that I didn't ask. How many of you out there blog in secret and why? Has anyone ever been caught blogging something not so positive by any of their blog subjects? Tell me, tell me!

Personally I have no problem telling anyone how to get to my blog, if they ask. Maybe I should add a disclaimer somewhere???


Jay said...

Hmm... well, my blog isn't exactly a secret, but I don't make a big thing about it, or push people into reading it. I like the idea of being fairly anonymous, you see. Not that I want to badmouth anyone, but I can only feel free to be me, if I feel there aren't too many people breathing down my neck.

My husband and two sons both know I blog, two of the three have left rare comments. My Johnny Depp friends and some of my greyhound friends know, but I don't tell many other people. I wouldn't tell people at work (if I worked, which I don't).

I do like the idea of the bumper sticker or tee shirt though. 'I am and I WILL blog you'

I like it! LOL!

Kirsten said...

I don't really talk about my blog much. I went to a family wedding and didn't say anything, because what if there's a good story I need to tell to my anonymous readers! I haven't blogged about anyone yet, but at least I can if I want to!

Polgara said...

My blog isnt a secret but i had another that was and i got found out, wasnt good!
Pol x

tryingtobegreener said...

I didn't tell friends or family about my blog for about a month and a half. Because I write a "green" blog, I didn't want them to think I was pushing my beliefs on them.

My husband, on the other hand, is quite proud that I do it and has told family and friends (with my OK). This opens the door for them to ask about it if they're interested. I never want to sound "pushy" but will always educate those who want to know.

The Vintage Kitten said...

I dont tell anyone I blog apart from Mr K because I wouldnt feel I could say what I wanted to. Not that there is anything revealing to tell, but I like the fact I can waffle to my hearts content and it cant affect anyone who may read it

Kirsten said...

Good point Vintage Kitten. I am on the fence leaning toward not telling anyone else, but my husband and mother. They support me and could careless what I blog. If it's a rant, then they are hearing about it anyway