Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Was One of Them!

I am about to admit something, but you can't tell anyone or laugh. I was over at Mommy Needs A Cocktail (I love her blog) reading a post about Mary Kay and the "pep rally" she got to see. Well I laughed my ass off, because for a moment in time (1 week) I was a MK Rep. I went to a weekly pep rally as a favor to a friend who is in way over her head with MK. At first I thought I was going to be just a warm body that she got credit for bringing and enjoy a free makeover and maybe some snacks. Guess I've been to a lot of selling parties and it's clouding my judgement. The tone inside this building was a mixture of behaviors I hadn't seen together before. Like 20 wide eyed, smiles painfully stretched, hyper happy and overly positive suit wearing women that were chanting makeup mantras like they were possessed. Then they start in with the bible verses?? Jesus and Mary Kay? God wants me to sell Mary Kay?

At this point I'm checking for fire exits and something to arm myself with as I plan my escape. I'm pretty sure at this point that there is more to my beinging there, then supporting my friend. In her defense I don't believe she was aware of their intentions for me. She hasn't been a rep long and doesn't usually go to the pep rallies due to schedule conflicts. Apparently guests are considered cult recruits and treated as such. Without notice I was rallied around and chanted to. Okay, I did drop my guard while eyeing "the pink ring" of glory. I don't have any pink baubles. Reality hit me as the car door shut, that I was going to have to break it to my friend that I couldn't do this. My saving grace was that I had the sense not to pay for anything that night.

I still get biblical laced recorded pep messages. I decided not to block the calls, as it serves as a once a week reminder not to repeat that mistake.


Kristen said...

I LOVE your Blog!
You made me remind me of me! I'll be checking back often :)

Anonymous said...

I had a neighor MK freak - her circle was often blocked with dozens of pink cadillacs. It was scary.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

That's so funny! I went to one of those combustible pep rallies for some network marketing Herbal-life kind of company and they are scary. The fact that yours injected religion into it as well? EEEEEEEK!

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blog roll! You are so sweet! I'm not sure what you rolg blog looked like, but I like the look of your new one!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

that was supposed to say "not sure what your old blog...".

Stupid rented fingers.