Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Away Gustav!

Here we go again, crap! Gustav is coming right at us and I mean right at us. We are getting it straight between the eyes. Everything is fine right now, but by this time tomorrow I will be without power for who knows how long.

We have prepared for a week, but it probably won't be more than 4 days. The house is boarded up and the outside secure as you can get it. We have a large capacity generator, gas, food, water, lanterns, candles, first aid needs, cell phones charged and most importantly....liquor! We sent the boys away to my parents house in Texas, so I feel better that they are safe and in very good hands.

I hate hurricanes in August / September, because it can get gross sweaty hot. Maybe I'll spend my evening looking into the best place to live. Where there aren't hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes or avalanches.

It is so nice to have a capable, intelligent Governor in office compared to the useless wind bag before him. That's YOU Blanco! What a joke Kathleen Blanco was as a governor in a time of need.

Everything has been very well planned. It seems that everyone is on the same page and organized. Hopefully we have very little damage and get up and running quickly.

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